Where to shop

Everybody has their go-to supermarket or shop that’s either more convenient to get to, or just sells everything you need under one roof. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is the cheapest option or even the best quality, and I guess that comes down to what is more important to you as a consumer. Personally, I prefer to have a better quality of food, and if it means I save a few pennies, well that can’t hurt either.


[Image: Sharps of Sheffield produce]

I like to have a lot of fresh ingredients in when I cook, so this means that I tend to by a few days of food supplies at a time rather than a full week or so. Now I’m not saying that’s the right way to do it, as obviously you have to shop based on what suits your lifestyle, but when I get these ingredients, I like to shop locally at independent shops as opposed to the larger chain supermarkets.


[Image: Chatsworth Estate farm shop]

Don’t get me wrong, if its 11pm and I suddenly realise I am out of a certain ingredient I urgently need for breakfast the next day, I will get in the car and go take advantage of a 24-hour supermarket, I am not trying to boycott Tesco or Asda by saying they are a last resort by any means. BUT. Tesco and Asda won’t miss me if I don’t shop there for a week or even a month. They won’t notice a fall in their revenue because Claudia decided to get her veg elsewhere…but maybe my local green grocers will. Maybe the bakery around the corner will worry about their profits when two or three customers decide its more convenient to stop at the garage on the way home instead to get their bread, and this is something I am quite conscious of.

rainbow carrots

[Image: Hand picked rainbow carrots]

So, guilt aside… A lot of my recipes will feature shopping lists and at the bottom of each one I will highlight where my items are from. My recipes will also be seasonal, to reflect what is naturally available at that time of year. Check out where I like to shop!

courgettes chatsworth

[Image: Chatsworth Estate farm shop produce]