Sharps of Sheffield

Food is a massive part of my life, so knowing where I can go to get the right ingredients, for me is very important. Since moving to Sheffield I have tried out a few different shops, some local, some a little drive away, trying to find the perfect balance of quality and value for money, and now I need look no further.

Sharps of Sheffield is a family run business est. over 100 years! So, it should be no surprise that these guys know a thing or two about fresh produce. I am always looking to compose new recipes with the freshest of ingredients, and at Sharps they have a fantastic variety of just that. The only downside to this shop is that it is impossible to go in for just ONE thing. I think I stopped by just to grab some leeks and ended up leaving with tomatoes, rhubarb, garlic, kale…I just wanted everything!

Sharps is set out perfectly, their vibrant vegetables inviting you in off the street to have a look around their colourful display will ensure you don’t leave empty handed. Located on Abbeydale road in Sheffield, Sharps is easy to find and you can pretty much park outside or down the street.

If, like me, you work in the week and can’t make it to them before closing time, they open at a very early 6am! (Not all heroes wear capes guys) so you can stop by on your commute – I’m sure they’ll appreciate smiling faces at that time of day – so make sure you grab a coffee first!

From their friendly staff to fresh fruit and veg, Sharps know exactly what their customers want: great service and great produce. And they certainly have both. Sharps is a great place to go pick up your fresh produce, herbs, nuts, eggs and flowers from, if you can’t make it across town, or the opening times don’t suit your lifestyle, go check them out here because they also deliver!

Check out my recipes using Sharps produce, and go pop in and see them for yourself!